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VA W164110 TX12WW Window Fan 300mm Gry

The T-Series window range are reversible, speed controllable with instant backdraught shutter

Product Code: W164110

excl VAT £970.35 Each

VA W164210 TX12RF Fan 300mm Gry

Fan mounted in a skylight or a flat roof.

Product Code: W164210

excl VAT £963.36 Each

VA W164510 TX12WL Wall Fan 300mm Gry

Product Code: W164510

excl VAT £1165.32 Each

VA W164610 TX12PL Panel Fan 300mm Gry

Product Code: W164610

excl VAT £1012.08 Each

VA W300310 Controller Electronic 1.5A

Product Code: W300310

excl VAT £145.64 Each

VA W361119 Controller for T-Series

Product Code: W361119

excl VAT £160.56 Each

VA W362320 Controller 400W

Product Code: W362320

excl VAT £220.08 Each