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Rako 4 Ch Dimming Rack Dali, 1-10v, DSI*

The RAK-4 hybrid dimmer rack for 0-10v, DSI and DALI dimm

Product Code: RAK-4F

excl VAT £558.00 Each

Rako Rak-4R 4 Channel Blind / Curtain Cntrl

Product Code: RAK-4R

excl VAT £588.00 Each

Rako Bridge RF Module *

(Bridge for Linking To Iphone Via Ethernet)

Product Code: RA-BRIDGE

excl VAT £178.00 Each

Rako Bridge RF Interface *

(Bridge Fully Programmable) Ra Bridge Upgrade

Product Code: RTC-BRIDGE

excl VAT £393.00 Each

Rako 7 Btn Plate (Black Nickle) *

Product Code: WLF-070-BN

excl VAT £38.00 Each

Rako 7 Btn Plate (S/Steel) *

Product Code: WLF-070-SS

excl VAT £38.00 Each

Rako 4 Ch Dimming Rack *

4 Channel trailing edge dimming rack for tungsten & halogen. (Requires RX Link)

Product Code: RAK-4T

excl VAT £506.00 Each

Rako Wired Connection Unit (Use With Rak4)

(One Rak Link Feeds Up To 8 Rak 4's)

Product Code: RAK-LINK

excl VAT £354.00 Each

Rako RF Input Interface *

A battery powered interface unit for up to 7 momentary volt-free switch inputs.

Product Code: RCI-7M

excl VAT £95.00 Each

Rako 7 Btn RF Sw Module (Battery Pwrd) *

(Requires RLF-070-** Plate)

Product Code: RCM-070

excl VAT £114.00 Each

Rako 10 Btn RF Sw Module (Battery Powered) *

(Requires RLF100-** Plate)

Product Code: RCM-100

excl VAT £114.00 Each

Rako Universal Contr Module RF Dimm 800w *

The RDA800 in-line RF dimmer for 1-10v, DALI and DSI controllable loads

Product Code: RDA-800

excl VAT £142.00 Each