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Lutron PK2-2B-TAW-L01 Pico 2B Whi

2 Button With On/Off

Product Code: PK2-2B-TAW-L01

excl VAT £34.00 Each

Lutron PK2-2BRL-TAW-L01 Pico 2BRL Whi

4 Button On/Off with Raise/Lower

Product Code: PK2-2BRL-TAW-L01

excl VAT £34.00 Each

Lutron PK2-4B-TAW-L01 Pico 4B R/L Whi

4 Button With On/Off/ Raise/Lower With 50% Middle Button

Product Code: PK2-4B-TAW-L01

excl VAT £54.40 Each