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FAAC 415UKKIT 415 2 Operator Kit

Kit For Gate Leaves Up To 3m.

Product Code: 415UKKIT

excl VAT £440.00 Each

FAAC 415LKITS 415 L 1 Operator Kit

Product Code: 415LKITS

excl VAT £312.00 Each

FAAC 415LLSKIT 415 LL 1 Operator Kit

(For Gates Up To 4.0mtrs Per Leaf)

Product Code: 415LLSKIT

excl VAT £650.01 Each

FAAC 415LSKIT 415 LS 2 Operator Kit

(For Gates Up To 3.0mtr Per Leaf)

Product Code: 415LSKIT

excl VAT £488.00 Each